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Making your workplace fit for business.

Tapley Ergonomics is an independent ergonomics consultancy that specialises in the relationship and fit between your people and your work. We work in partnership with your company to identify risk and practicable risk control measures. Talk to us to find out more.

Manual Handling

Need to do a manual handling risk assessment or review? Talk to us and we'll guide you through the process. We can help you to identify and assess those manual handing activities, provide training expertise and practical solutions for you and your organisation.

Workplace Assessments

As a business, failing to apply ergonomics to your production or work activities may not only reduce productivity but jeopardises health and safety and increases risks of upper limb problems and manual handling injuries.

DSE Workstation Assessment

Risk assessments for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users are a legal requirement throughout Europe, as is user training. We can give you clear, practical advice to make your workstations safe, comfortable and productive.

Office workstation review & audit service

Businesses that are not complying with current workplace practices and do not have correctly set up computer work stations are, not only potentially hurting their employees, but could also be subject to a legal claim from their employees.