Individual advanced computer workstation assessment

Individual advanced computer workstation assessment


Senior accountant in a small, 20 person, accountancy practice.


Client had been suffering from acute neck and shoulder pain, as well as intermittent low back pain for over 12 months. Her desk and workstation had been inherited when she moved to the practice and was not set up correctly for her use.

What we did

Carried out a detailed individual workstation assessment, completing the legally required DSE assessment at the same time.  This took into consideration the type of work she was carrying out, space requirements, equipment etc. There were two different work surfaces at different heights, two monitors were being used, both of which were too small for the work she was doing and too far away from her causing her to hunch and push her head and neck forward. The chair was very old and too small for the client, seat pan was too short and there was no lumbar support available.

Recommendations were made for optimum layout to allow her to work to full capacity. These included.

  • New chair, measured to fit her correctly
  • One height work surface at a higher level to suit her height and prevent the need to swing on her chair between the surfaces.
  • Equipment layout planned to help client maintain optimum posture while working.

Benefits to client

  • Reduction in pain and almost total loss of symptoms.
  • Reported increased ability to work more productively.