Individual ergonomics assessment

Individual ergonomics assessment


Large multinational waste transfer and material recycling facility.


Site manager required an ergonomics assessment of two workstations as part of a management review for an individual with occupational health issues.

What we did

Workstations were both material recycling quality control and required repetitive handling of items on work benches to measure against quality standard checks. We carried out a task analysis of the two tasks and benchmarked the workstation design against the relevant ergonomics standards. The tasks involved reaching outside recommended ranges and moving and handling items up/down from floor levels.

We used a variety of assessment tools, including MAC, ART, QEC and REBA to carry out the assessments.

The individual was part of the assessment process and their individual needs were taken into consideration as part of the assessment.

Recommendations made included:

  • Redesign the sorting areas into a more compact ‘arc’ to allow more neutral working postures
  • Reduce working reach distances
  • Raise items onto angled workbenches to eliminate the need for prolonged bending and twisting


Benefits to the company

  • Provided objective information to form part of the management referral system
  • Updated company risk assessments
  • Gave clear guidance on how to redesign the working environment for all the staff