Manufacturer requiring ergonomics review

Manufacturer requiring ergonomics review


International industrial gas manufacturer.


Company was seeking ergonomics input to a review of productivity across the cylinder handling process.

What we did

Worked as part of a multidisciplinary team to review production tasks. The review was seeking ways to increase cylinder production rate by streamlining the process. We provided a human centred, ergonomics approach in order to comment on levels of risk and if new risks were being introduced by new production process. We used a variety of assessments tools including MACART, and QEC, to quantify and demonstrate risk levels, this process also allowed the team to model prospective changes to see if the risk level would change. Anthropometric data was used to inform physical changes to workstation layouts and design to ensure any changes fitted the range of workers on site. Assessment data was also added to build on the company’s worldwide library of risk control measures to allow wider learning for other sites.

Recommendations included:

  • Use of trolleys to reduce risks from pushing and pulling
  • Layout design to reduce need to double handle, and push and pull over distance
  • Quick connectors to eliminate the need to manually and repetitively twist valves into place
  • Guidance on suitable measurements for steps, platforms, reach distances

Benefits to the company

  • Increased cylinder handling rate by 30%
  • Risk factors demonstrably reduced from high to low