Office Workstation Review & Audit Service

Businesses that are not complying with current workplace practices and do not have correctly set up computer work stations are, not only potentially hurting their employees, but could also be subject to a legal claim from their employees.

How Tapley Ergonomics can help you

Tapley Ergonomics’ comprehensive ergonomics review of your employee computer workstations, policies and procedures provides you with the reassurance that:

  • Your workstations are not hurting your employees or your business
  • Your staff will be much less likely to take sickness absence due to RSI, shoulder, neck or back problems.
  • Your business will be able to demonstrate that its legal responsibilities are being met, preventing the likelihood of  expensive legal action from employees or regulators


Why Tapley Ergonomics?

  • Holistic help and advice from experts – we specialise in occupational ergonomics and don’t just tick boxes
  • High level of qualifications and wide experience
  • Clear, personal and straightforward approach tailored to your business needs


Complete Review and Audit Package

  • Site visit with individual workstation reviews and appropriate adaptations for up to 10 staff. In larger offices a selection of workstations will be made based on DSE assessment findings
  • Full review of DSE assessments, policies and procedures with a plan for any actions required
  • Advice on workplace layout and equipment
  • Report with documentary evidence of compliance for both legal and quality standards



“I would recommend this service to business owners, partners and senior managers to allow them to be confident, and to have the evidence, that they have done all they need to do to comply with the law and to allow their staff to work comfortably and productively.”

Peter Disney, Director of Wood and Disney Accountants