Work place assessment

As a business, failing to apply ergonomics to your production or work activities may not only reduce productivity but jeopardises health and safety and increases risks of upper limb problems and manual handling injuries.

We use our extensive knowledge and experience of a wide variety of industry as well as knowledge of human
capabilities to help you optimise the design and organisation of your production processes, equipment and working environment.

What do you need to do?

Health and Safety law sets out that all employers have a legal obligation to:


How can we help you?

  • We can carry out an audit of your current production or work activity to see if your systems are working well and to assess legal compliance
  • We can conduct an ergonomics audit which collects a variety of data using checklists, video, direct observation and other data recording techniques.
  • We will then interpret this data taking account of legislation, standards and industry best practice to help you create the most effective production processes or work activity.
  • We can work with your design team to find practicable solutions
  • We can use this data to customise training courses targeted at operators, supervisors and engineers as part of an in-house ergonomics programme
  • Practical recommendations – we will continue to work with you to improve the design of your production processes.


How will this help you?

  • Allow you be confident your production and activities are as effective  and efficient as possible and legally compliant,
    no need to worry if the Inspector comes to call!
  • Quick and cost effective – our advice can take as little as one day
  • Major issues can be identified early in the design of the production process avoiding expensive retrofitting when problems emerge
  • Ensures compliance with health, safety and ergonomics legislation and guidance
  • Independent authoritative expertise improves buy-in of your staff and other key stakeholders.
  • Tailored training for your staff